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Free Comparative Market Evaluation

My job is to help you understand current market conditions in order to determine the best list price for your property. Reviewing past and current sales help you understand what a Buyer is willing to pay for a property that is similar to yours. But you also have to review active listings, how long they have been on the market and the current trend. Expired listings tell us what price Buyers are not willing to pay. We all think our property is so much better than the next but Buyers only see the value if it matches their needs and lifestyle. With my CMA process you will be able to clearly see the best value for your home and property. 

Staging - Is Your Home Fit to Sell?

Your property is your home and has special meaning to you. You have decorated it to match your needs and lifestyle. In order for a buyer to imagine themselves in your home you must make it less personal and more attractive to a Buyer. I can help you prepare your home for sale by providing suggestions, material and a team of professionals if necessary to get your home Fit to Sell.

A Customized Approach to Match Your Specific Needs

Once we have a signed listing agreement, together we put a marketing plan together.  Important factors to note are the reason you were attracted to the property, benefits of the location, zoning possibilities and/or limitations. With that information we can create the marketing material for the correct target market. My marketing plan starts with a floor plan, professional photography and video production for web advertising, email and print material. Floor plans, great photography and video serve 2 purposes; prevents unnecessary showings from buyers that disqualify the home due to floor plan or design; and, encourage viewings from qualified buyers that like what they see. My goal is to get you the maximum return on your investment.

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A Professional on Your Side

I endeavor to provide quality service through understanding my client's needs and acting in their best interests. I am dedicated to pursuing excellence through a commitment to high ethical standards, quality education and professionalism in real estate as well as all personal undertakings.

Please contact me for more information. I would be honored to get to know you and to help you come up with ideas that will fit your lifestyle with the knowledge and patience you deserve.

Tammy Antrobus:

250.488.0804 or

Happy Family

Making Families Happy, one House at a time

Real Estate Contract Expertise

Real estate laws have changed so the process of working with a Seller and a Buyer can be a complicated undertaking unless you have a real estate professional working with your best interest at the forefront. Whether you are a novice or have experience in the world of real estate I will explain the contract as well as the process so that you are confident that your transaction is going smoothly. A Contract of Purchase and Sale can be written in such a manner that wouldn't be upheld in a court of law. Whether you are buying or selling, I will ensure that the contract is written both legally and professionally and will make sure that your specific requirements are met.

Expert Advice

I will always provide solid information and advice about any aspect that will affect the value of a property! I you’re a seller I will let you know the types of things that will enhance your value and help you sell quicker with fewer inconveniences. If you are buying a property for your own use, you should always consider resale in your decision to purchase. I will help you determine both positive and negative factors to take into consideration. I provide you with undivided loyalty and confidentiality, follow your instructions, and protect your interests every step of the way. 

I Know Homes!

My husband and I have built 4 personal homes together as well as doing several renovations for family and friends over the years. I was involved in all aspects of the construction including layout and design and all of the decorating. I have learned a great deal about construction which has given me the ability to identify potential issues and recognize possible changes that would improve functionality and value.

Personable, Attentive and Experienced

If you are looking for a Real Estate representative who understands that each family needs something different, knows the Okanagan Valley, has years of experience working with sellers and buyers, will listen to your ideas, be aggressive in her marketing and advertising, and give you all the attention you deserve, call or text me at 250-488-0804, you won’t be disappointed!

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